The Covid-19 challenge has taken us by surprise and having no template to take cues from or past incidents of such scale or impact to guide us, governments across the world scrambled for resources and logistics to tackle the pandemic

In India too, the preparedness had to be scaled up in very quick time and lakhs of medicos and health workers as well as government staffers were yoked to the emergency serviceson short notice to tackle the crisis. Goes without saying that had these government staffers not spent their days and nights in working for us, the situation of the pandemic in our country would have been much worse.

The police are on their toes to stop people from coming out and gathering and ensure the lockdown is diligently followed while the doctors and nurses are handling the continual surge of patients flooding the hospitals, with limited logistics at hand.

No service can be greater at this time than what is being delivered by these people, that too in a high-risk ecosystem, distanced from the contagion by just a whisker as they are. If not anything, we must appreciate, respect and salute their selfless service and pray for their good health. If they aren’t out there in the fire, we are left burnt by it.


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