This may be another interesting finding to prevent and cure COVID-19. Dr. Arun Nayak, a senior doctor of Satna, a district of Madhya Pradesh has made a remarkable study on the prevention and treatment of coronavirus.

He has sent letters to the office of the Prime Minister, ICMR and to the Health Minister of Madhya Pradesh presenting his study on Novel Corona Virus. He has requested them to take a look into the observations and get them reanalyzed with a team of experts.

Dr. Nayak who presently serves with the police department at Satna is MBBS, MS ENT, and is well known in the region for mixing allopathic treatment with natural ways for successful treatment of patients.

Speaking to Dr. Nayak said that even before the onslaught of COVID-19 he has treated many patients suffering from viral diseases including acute sore throat, tonsillitis, and rhinitis successfully with medicine and a combination of sodium bicarbonate and Povidone Iodine solution mixed with lukewarm water for gargling.

According to him, COVID-19 virus stays in the mucous membrane of the throat and nasal mucosa for four days and it is important to stop or kill the virus at its entry point before it multiplies and infects the lungs.

Dr Nayak said that using an anti-viral drug and gargle of Sodium bicarbonate and Povidone Iodine in lukewarm water the virus can be controlled at its entry point. He also suggests Neti Kriya used in ayurvedic system of medicine with saline lukewarm water and sodium bicarbonate.

Dr. Arun Nayak added vthat the outer layer of COVID-19 virus made up of protein is breakable by soap. It is a known fact that sodium bicarbonate, also known as Baking Soda is a versatile ingredient. Baking soda has a place in bath and beauty products.

It is the primary ingredient in bath fizzies and adds gentle exfoliation to soap and scrubs. Thus when Sodium Bicarbonate is used for gargling and as a nasal spray it kills or makes the virus less effective by breaking its outer cell cover.

He added that the other constituent Povidone Iodine has also been researched and found to be effective in controlling coronavirus spread. A study published in eMediNexus says that the use of Povidone Iodine nasal spray and mouthwash during the current COVID-19b pandemic may protect healthcare workers and reduce cross-infection.Dr. Nayak said that he has shared this study with a few of his doctor friends who are on duties treating COVID-19 patients and asked them to do gargles once they are back home. None of the doctors or their medical staff following this protocol were infected with the coronavirus.

Dr Nayak said that if family members of a COVID-19 patient are immediately asked to gargle with this combination there chances of turning into a positive case would become minimal thereby stopping the vicious chain.


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