New Delhi: With the rise of technology and developments in all spheres of life, our life is getting busier with each passing day. In the chaos that life has become today, one hardly has time for another individual. With the rise in population and advancements in every field, the level of competition is rising by leaps and bounds. All these aspects combined have resulted in drug addiction among youngsters in an attempt to escape the stress that life offers at an extremely young age.

Rise of drug addiction amongst youngsters is an alarm bell for society. Addiction of narcotic substances amongst youngsters is not only ruining their future but is also acting like a termite for the future of the nation. While some use drugs to combat stress and anxiety, others find it fashionable, thereby succumbing to addiction. Increase in the number of addicts poses a major challenge for law and order situation as the youngsters who belong to middle class or poor families indulge in criminal activities in order to sustain their addiction.

In a recent instance, cops apprehended a group of five youngsters aged between 15-20 years, burgling houses at night to procure money to be able to buy drugs. They had recently been released from a juvenile home. Similarly, now and then GRP detains children from railway station. Most of them are addicted to sniffing adhesives or consuming narcotic substances. These children were found to be beggars in trains, while some of them were minor thieves.

It is tough for parents and authorities to prevent substance abuse as youngsters cannot be stopped from meeting their friends at school, college, coaching classes, clubs and restaurants and these friends are a big influence on these youngsters as far as their addiction is concerned.

Parents are needed to keep a strict watch on their adolescent kids from early on  to prevent them from getting into bad and anti-social habits, warning them of the adverse effects of substance abuse.

Some common signs which indicate that an individual is addicted to narcotics or other such substances are:

* Neglecting responsibilities at workplace, school, college or at home like skipping tuition classes, low performance academically and staying away or alone for most of the time.

* Indifferences in relationships of an individual such as fights with family members or partner, losing a good old friend, etc.

* Losing temper easily and getting into nasty fights for petty issues.

* Frequently getting into fights, accidents and illegal activities.

* Lack of motivation, feeling lethargic.

* Anxiety and irritation.

* A sudden loss of appetite and weight.

* Disturbance in sleep patterns.


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