About Us

Welcome to Global News Opinion. It is a newly established web portal focusing on news from all around the world whether it be a Health, Politics, Current affairs, Business, Sports or Filmy Gossips we try to dig and bring out all the latest happenings from the news industry. As a team, we aim to filter and provide news on the run for our impatient new generation. With this, we also provide the brief and insights of the serious news for our deeper news consumers.

Global News Opinion runs a special column depending upon the interest of the readers with the special section on opinions and interviews where every week we interview some dignitary and brings different opinions of different people on the current issues.

The portal “Global News Opinion”  is very helpful for policy and decision makers as we daily give mainstream news challenging the thought process of people indulged in the society which can surely help them in taking decisions more firmly.

Incisive and creative, the Window to News is a premier source of news and information targeting the global audience with the motive to provide news that is credible, true and fast.


Global News Opinion have readers from all across the world mainly the youths and middle age people having interest in the portal.

Global News Opinion brings you the Latest and Exclusive News, Articles, Stories and Videos on entertainment, lifestyle, culture & new technologies emerging worldwide.

Team GNO

GNO is managed by Kr.Bhumendrapal Singh of Awagarh and Mr.Anshuman Bhargava and their team. Other Websites run by them are:-

Digital Marketing and Web Development Company Owner and Managed by him.

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